What is Dutch by Skype?

Skype lessons or conversations with live native Dutch teacher

Learn Dutch by Skype

If you cannot join one of our groups in Groningen, you may consider Skype Lessons, our tailor-made Dutch conversation lessons. These are individual 30 minute lessons by phone. You decide about the number of lessons and together we set up the course and a convenient schedule for you.
If you already know the rules of the language and only wish to practice your spoken Dutch a bit more, you might be interested in Skype Conversations Sessions. These are live talks in Dutch, 20 minutes by phone. You decide about the number of sessions and together we set up dates/times.

Skype courses or conversation sessions can start and be scheduled any moment in the year, except in December and August, preferably during weekdays.

Skype Lessons package of 6
Skype Lessons package of 12

Conversation session on Skype (1×20 minutes)
Set of 3 conversation sessions (3x 20 minutes)
Set of 10 conversation sessions (10 x 20 minutes)

More information about Skype lessons can be found here >>

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