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Kees van Kooten

We have added an eBook to our collection: two short stories written and read aloud by Kees van Kooten.

Koot graaft zich autiobio- short stories by Kees van Kooten

Kees van Kooten (also known as Koot , from the duo Koot & Bie)is a famous Dutch comedy writer in the Netherlands who has muchinfluenced the Dutch vocabulary by making up new words and expressionswhich are now to be found in the official dictionaries!

This ebook contains two complete short stories, both coming from his autobiographical book ‘Koot graaft zich autobio’ (1979).
Kees van Kooten himself reads them aloud in a clear voice, in mp3. You also find the two stories from the book in writing, in pdf.
These stories are suitable for intermediate or advanced students of the Dutch language.

Price: € 3.99

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Sinterklaas stories

We have a new downloadable ebook in our store:

Sinterklaas Game Book for Children

40 pages of fun for children: images to use for colouring, little Dutch Sinterklaas rhymes, riddles, mazes and alphabet/number puzzles to solve, games to play and much more – all about Sinterklaas, a.k.a. Saint Nicholas, who visits The Netherlands and Belgium each year around December 5 with gifts for all children. A typical Dutch children celebration!

Download eBook Sinterklaas Game Book for Children | Speelboek
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The book is readable / printable with Adobe Reader. All pages can be printed separately in black on A4 paper.
Suitable for children 5+
Language: simple Dutch
6.4 mb
41 pages

Of course the other ebooks are also available.
Learn Dutch, Everything about Dutch Verbs, a bite of Dutch and several short stories in audio / pdf.

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