Dutch conversation BEGINNERS II

Happy New Year to you all! Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

We would like to let you know that we’re setting up a new conversation group at level Beginners II in Groningen (Helpman) in January 2016.

For whom?

Beginners II in 2014

This level is great for people who answer the following description: you slightly remember how to greet someone and how to introduce yourself in Dutch, you can ask (and answer) a few simple questios, you know a little bit about the days in the week, you might remember how to ask somebody out and offer them a drink, you can tell what food you like or dislike, you can try to tell a few things about your house and family and probably will be able to buy some cheese, fruit or vegetables at the weekly market. But you probably forgot many other basic things …


What will we practice?

We will practice those things that you learnt earlier and will build on that by practicing some new things, like:

  • Talking about yesterday, last week, the things you did when you were young, everything about the past and the future, telling time
  • What to say in daily situations like a birthday, visiting the doctor, the mall, the city council, the train station, the restaurant, the bar, the gym, the museum, the cinema etc …
  • Making suggestions, proposals, discussing plans, responding to those (for instance, saying no in a polite way)
  • New Words around the house, traveling, the weather, the holidays, the seasons, clothing ..
  • How to discuss in simple words what you liked or disliked about a concert, a film, a book, an exposition …
  • Making longer sentences….
  • Any other topic or situation you would like to practice!!



Where, when, how?

We will work with a group of 3-5 participants. We have scheduled 6 meetings, every Tuesday night from 20:30 h to 22:00 h in Groningen, starting Tuesday January 12, 2016. See the schedule here >



What is the fee?

Fee for this course of 6 sessions is € 150 per person. This fee includes learning material and all taxes. The course must be prepaid in full.

 How do I join?

Go to our shop and order your BEGINNERS II course, check out online and pay by iDeal, Paypal/Creditcard or choose ‘pre-transfer’ if you wish to manually transfer your payment to our bank account immediately after completing your order.

Your subscription is not complete until your payment has arrived in our account, ultimately January 10, 2016

If we have not enough participants at the beginning of the course, it will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. If we have too many participants for one group, we will try to setup a second group if possible.

We’re looking forward to meet you in person!


Your teacher Yorien

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