Dutch conversation intermediate level

We are setting up a small group of non-Dutch people in Groningen who are interested in bringing their conversational skills in Dutch to intermediate level.

OP een terrasThis level is suitable for people who have learned Dutch at an elementary  level earlier and are able to understand much of what is said in Dutch, but do not feel confident enough to actually speak Dutch themselves. It is also suitable for those of you who ..are at intermediate level already and would like to learn and practice their Dutch on a weekly basis.
The group will start on Tuesday February 23, 2016. It is a course of 6 lessons, about 90 minutes each. See the schedule below.

OverleggenThe main thing is that you will work on your speaking skills in Dutch! We will practice several everyday-situations in Dutch and will have as many Dutch dialogues as possible until you feel confident enough to speak Dutch in real life. You will also pick up new vocabulary, idiom and grammar. We will focus on speaking most of the time.

Group size:  max 5 people
Course of six weeks: € 150,= per person.  All learning material and taxes included
You don’t need to buy any books !

Read more about the course on our website Say it in Dutch Language School
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Feb – March 2016
LEVEL Intermediate (6 lessons)



Feb 23

20h30 (8.30pm)

Spring Holiday



Mar 8

20h30 (8.30pm)



Mar 15

20h30 (8.30pm)



Mar 22

20h30 (8.30pm)



Mar 29 20h30 (8.30pm)



Apr 5

20h30 (8.30pm)

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